IPRO Wave 5.0 Smartphone Review

IPRO Wave 5.0 Smartphone Review

The smartphone industry is rapidly evolving before our very eyes. The rules are changing soon the boundaries between the all mighty
flagships and budget smartphones will cease to exist. With a price tag of only $56 what exactly should you and could you expect from a phone? While it may be no gaming beast with only dual cores the company was aware of this before making it and went all in on the casual experience. Browsing is highlighted here as web pages with loads of details load faster than more expensive budget phones with quad cores and the Ui is more apple like than other budget brands I have reviewed. But just remember the trade off this thing cannot be used for gaming besides candy crush maybe.


1. Platform:
CPU: MTK6580M 1.0GHz
SW OS: Android 5.1

2. Network:
3G frequency (MHz): 850/1900 /2100
2G frequency (MHz): 850/900/1800/1900

3. Display:

Resolution: FWVGA 480*854 TN
Size (Diagonal, inch): 5inch
Touch Panal Type: Capacitive Touch

4. Data Connection:
HSPA DL/UL(Mbps): Yes(21Mbps/5.6Mbps)
EDGE: Yes(Class 12)Down/Up link
Bluetooth: 4.0+LE;3.0HS;2.1+EDR
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n
WiFi Hotspot: Yes
USB: 2.0 HS

5. SIM: Dual SIM(Micro SIM Card)

6. Camera:
Main Camera :5.0MP
Front Camera: 2MP
Flash LED: Yes

7. Sensor:
Proximity: Yes
Light: Yes
Gravity: Yes

8. Memory: 512M RAM+8G ROM
External: Micro SD up to 32GB

9. Others functions:
FM radio: yes
Audio Plug: 3.5mm
USB Plug: Micro usb
Handsfree Speaker: Yes
Noise Cancellation: Yes
Vibration motor: Yes

10. Battery: 2000mAh
11. Dimension: 140*70*6mm

12. Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

Package includes

Cell Phone as pic x 1
Charger x 1 (5V,1A)
USB Cable x 1
Earphone x 1
User Manual x 1
Retail Box x 1

This aspect was very nice. Besides the phone which is expected you have your universal USB cable. I call it universal as their’s
no proprietary feedback mechanisms that would prevent you from using this for any device that accepts micro USB cables. You get free earphones which are awesome. None of the other budget smartphones I reviewed came with free earphones it was a very nice gesture and I’m using them daily, you do get a user manual which I had no interest in as I’m against them, to begin with lol, and even a USB brick which can be used in any wall outlet and finally a story card. Not sure how to describe this but you will learn a lot about the “Journey To The West” and the Four Great Classical Novels. One important note you should make is before using this product the paste/tape located on the battery needs to be removed. If you are wondering where that just removes the cover then remove the battery and you should see
gold looking metal on the top of the battery there should be some plastic covering those gold slots. If you do not remove them
your phone will not work so please do so do it.

The screen and interface are overall fairly responsive. Scrolling between pages on the home screen is easy and it automatically loops to the
beginning if you run out of space that’s a nice touch. You do have some stock apps which can be hibernated with greenify or removed.
Firstly FM radio this is a huge bonus. You don’t need wifi or data to use this all you need is a headphone jack which is widely available
You will get between 20-30 channels depending on your location. Next is sounder recorder now you can record your voice without
using the camera which can save on data usage/ can be used for other projects more easily. Next, you have what’s an app I guess they planned not
everyone would have data so they made it even easier to text without data. Finally, a stock email app is present I would personally use an app
called blue mail so I have no need for this but it still works for sure. You have a couple of stock widgets in your widget menu I would suggest putting on the home menu. Google search panel for searching google, clock for obviously telling time, weather which saves the city you input and finally shortcuts to commands like wifi and Bluetooth turn off and on, Gps and screen brightness. Instead of accessing settings one click options can be used. Accessing apps like google play and the browser also load fast in this way. This Ui’s foundation is secure and fast running android lollypop 5.1 so overall it’s clean and effective.

Obviously when buying budget phones on paper specs usually is a sacrifice you have to make for so many benefits. I first tried Vellamo Metal
benchmarks this will tell me a lot about its single core performance which is usually for stuff besides gaming and 3d applications. After
1-2 minutes the results were as following. 743 this number has no context in comparison to other products so let’s test this with others
It’s stronger than the galaxy nexus 458 but less than Meizu MX4 at 993 so yea there you go it’s not too bad considering the price. Next geek bench 3 a more well-known benchmark is next after waiting a few minutes the results came out as the following. The Multi-core performance ranks around 1193 which is slightly better than the Motorola moto g’s 1116 score and a lot better then the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s 621 score. Now for single core, the 359 benchmark was once again higher than the Samsung galaxy nexus that had 338 but weaker then the galaxy s3 at 426. But overall these budget phones had to cut corners somewhere and here is where. To be honest, unless you are gaming you won’t notice the difference anyway. This phone is optimized well and considering it doesn’t have a quad core I kinda question geek bench 3 right now lol.

The phone comes with a 2MP front facing camera used for selfies. To be honest it’s not bad at all surprisingly. My room does
not have good lighting I would show you my face but I don’t exactly want everyone to see it so just take my word. The amount
of noise was reduced and it’s good enough to satisfy selfie needs. The 5MP front facing camera is also Ok not great but considering the price of the phone and the fact I have reviewed cameras which only take pictures look worse than this thing and them cost more then the price of this phone I don’t have too much to complain about. This won’t replace a DSR or flagship but it’s passable

Now it’s time to discuss root. The companies advise you not to do so as you risk getting viruses on your new device
and you instantly void any limited warranty you may have. But you know what this is a budget smartphone and I know for
people that are a huge selling feature. So I took all the risk for you and luckily for all of us this phone can indeed be
rooted pretty easily. You could download mtk droid tools and permit usb debugging etc or you could do it my way. Which is
much easier just downloads kingo root and install the apk and run it. Don’t worry it may get stuck at 90% for a bit
but it will eventually go through. This phone can indeed be rooted. I haven’t gone all the way with Cyanogen mod and
Clockworks and twerp and stuff but I’m sure it would probably work. I have the bad history with modding. I lost two phones
a droid X and a Motorola moto g to hard bricks. so I’m content with rooting at this point as my limit.

This phone is 3G compatible in the USA with some of the major carriers. You will have to avoid CDMA 4g networks like Sprint and Verizon as they both are selective regarding which phones they allow in. T-Mobile and Atat 3G GSM networks should work with this phone. They want to beat Verizon and they are trying to do that by allowing as many phones as possible to help increase their market share as Verizon owns so many cell phone towers their’s no other way for them to increase market share at the moment. Verizon’s services are unbeatable from a quality standpoint almost like a monopoly. The amount of money necessary to build more towers beyond the existing ones are simply astronomical

– Fast Dual Cores
– Cheap
-Good Browsing Experience

– No 3D Gaming
– Poor Camera
– Bland Design

Overall the Smartphone Industry is going through a permanent metamorphosis. We all must adapt and not let conformity rule
our lives. Give companies like these a try some of them have diamonds in a rough that compete or exceed major brands
like Samsung And Apple from a value standpoint at least. The iPro 5.0 Wave is one of many 2016 phones that proved
this theory. The smartphone industry is now more accessible than ever stop paying 700 for a new phone people
let our voices be heard we want more affordable phones. Thanks so much for reading this review any questions you have
please don’t be afraid to leave them down below.

I received this product from the seller at a reduced rate in return for a fair and unbiased review. I assure you this review would have been mutual if I did, in fact, pay full price. I was not compensated in any way before during or after any of my reviews.


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