Junjiada Bluetooth Speakers Review

Junjiada Bluetooth Speakers Review

The Junjiada Bluetooth Speakers Stereo 20W is an all around good product. It’s not perfect by any means let me say that now and I’ll get into that later but it accomplishes most of what it sets out to do. That goal is quite simple and it’s to be loud and proud as my title suggests. It produces good audio at high volumes without compromising quality. That’s not easy to do. I played a song called frontier by vox and it did not distort the volume even on max.

Controlling the product is quite simple. Just click the m button to switch between line in and Bluetooth mode. This process should take no longer than 10 seconds which is around industry standard. Click the minus button to change your track or page to the left and if you hold down the minus button your volume on the device will decrease. The left plus button works inversely. Hold down the plus button to increase the volume or just press it once to switch your music track in apps like Spotify or Apple Music to the right. Also when you turn on the product it makes a cool oasis like sound which is cool.

The 4000MAH battery that comes with this product is very interesting indeed. As for the size and the power of 20Watts, I was not expecting this product to last as long as it did. However, after continued usage around 10 hours and about 5 hours of standby, the product still had one bar of power left which means it could have lasted longer. There is an USB port as well which means you could technically use this thing as a portable battery theoretically

The actual product box is well protected and comes with a micro USB cable for charging, audio 3.5mm cable for your line in connection with media devices like smartphones and computers and the instruction manual. For more detail on the sound, it sounds clear for sure and background hiss is minimal but still existent, unfortunately. The sound as I mentioned before is loud however for once it’s not a bass loudness. The sound accuracy is quite high it’s rare to see an affordable speaker not go for the bass option and I like it.

While the downsides are not too bad from the minimal hiss to the slow Bluetooth setup time the first time. There is one issue that could be a problem and that’s the size. I don’t know if I would consider it portable it’s quite massive. However, if you have a backpack that would be ok just don’t put this in your pocket. Overall The Junjiada Bluetooth Speakers Stereo 20W is an affordable, stylish and a quality speaker that should fulfill basic music playing needs. Thanks so much for reading this review


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