SUMAOTE LED Flame Table Lamp And Bluetooth Speaker Review

SUMAOTE LED Flame Table Lamp And Bluetooth Speaker Review

The DERIPUS Touch Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a stylish product with realistic looking flames. I was hesitant at first to put by finger inside of it and I did eventually to discover it’s purely aesthetic which is honestly a relief. It runs on USB power with a good sized battery and not too heavy to hold. But heavy enough to hold its ground in case of inclement weather. There is also a tripod attachment hole on the bottom which means you could attach this to a pole or something in your backyard.

Now to my surprise regarding this product. Firstly and most importantly the sound quality. In this price range, I was extremely surprised how good the audio came out. It’s very clean no boosts or fuzzy sounds. It’s really good sounding audio and songs like me giente and the lazy song sounded better than ever before so I can appreciate that. One thing I will say is the volume of this product is a little low. Most of the space on this product is reserved for the LED display leaving only a small speaker near the top of the product. It would have benefited from sound amplification even if that meant degrading the quality a bit. You do have some controls on the top of the item. Power, volume up, volume down, forward, back and option to turn the light on and off. There is only one color that comes with this item so it’s not RGB or anything. Overall it’s solid and does the job


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