TaoTronics TT-DL23 Portable Night Light/Lantern Review

TaoTronics TT-DL23 Portable Night Light/Lantern Review

I’m completely blown away by this lantern. The company told me this was a night light so I wasn’t expecting much with this product but… when I finally got my hands on the thing I quickley realized this product is being marketed incorrectly in my opinion. I have never heard of a lantern that runs on micro usb power that’s why this thing is so special! I have heard of night lights doing this but lanterns never.. I have this clunky lanterns that take multiple double DD batteries which simply becomes annoying over time. This is a micro usb powered portable LED lantern that’s very bright by the way. It’s just as bright as any lantern you could buy at the moment which makes this even more impressive. Its quiet tall by the way which makes the distribution of light quiet effective and really can lighten up your entire room. Another cool ability is how you turn on and off the product. Simply tap the touch sensitive button on the top of the product and it’s very easy to do this. The micro usb port is on the bottom of the product allowing for easy charging while still being able to use the product. If your wondering what comes with this product. You get the warranty card, a cleaning cloth which could be used for anything, and the instruction manual which I try not to use.

If you want some basic stats on the product here you go

Assembled Height 4.33 inches
Assembled Length 4.33 inches
Assembled Width 10.75 inches
Color White
Material Plastic
Finish Plastic
Fixture Features adjustable
Shade Color Adjustable
Power Source Battery
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No
Type of Bulb LED
Wattage 6 watts
Wattage 6 watts

Camping I envision as a great use of this product even better then putting this in your room. It has a compact and comfortable handle that hang from the top of your tent its LED so it won’t break easily and it’s micro usb powered which means if you have a power bank you could easily have this going all the time as that battery lasts mad long it has 4400mah. Speaking of brightness again their is indeed a way to change the brightness settings by simply holding your finger down on the touch sensitive top and gradually brightness will decrease and then increase as time progresses. A very nice feature you don’t find to often either by the way. Overall Taotronics knows what their doing when it comes to lights. If you want desk lights, night lights or lanterns they got you covered and this product is no exception. They are on the forefront of touch screen and lighting solutions and this product with the ability to use micro usb power to charge this device over batteries just proves why this product and company are awesome. Thanks very much for reading this review if you have any questions let me know down below.


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