Bistee Essential Oil Ultrasonic Wood Grain 300ml Diffuser Review

Bistee Essential Oil Ultrasonic Wood Grain 300ml Diffuser Review

The Bistee Essential Oil Ultrasonic Wood Grain 300ml Diffuser is a respectable item that appears to do everything you would want it to do. It snaps into 3 pieces very easily which means adding water and cleaning the tank fairly simple tasks to do. I was very surprised to see something called the tank cap included. Basically what it does is prevents leakage during transport of the product and it’s a feature I wish other humidifiers would use. The product holds 300ml which is a respectable amount compared to other items in the marketplace, the item emits a very low sound which I like it’s not easy to hear by any means. The base unit contains 3 different buttons with an array of functions. The product has a dedicated power button which is unique compared to other diffusers I’ve seen. You have a button that controls the velocity of the diffusing. One mode is slow dispersing while the other mode permits more air flow. The last button is for color changing you have 7 different colors to choose from and each color comes in 2 hues. Which means in total 14 different colors to pick from.

I was surprised how fast the product worked but be aware it’s not super advanced. It does not have a humidity sensor telling you how humid your air is so you don’t really know when to turn it off. Fortunately, the timer function can relieve most of your worries on this issue but it’s still apparent. The AC plug in the box is a fair length and was able to reach across the room with relative ease. I also found the packaging to be quite appealing. It’s visually impressive and clearly displays the primary features of the product. I do find it concerning that the box lacks any form of branding on its cover. I had to contact the company to find out what the heck this thing is called. Overall it’s a solid humidifier nothing more or less.


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