Linkwitz W301 Ring Collar Neckband Active Noise Cancelling Headset Review

Linkwitz W301 Ring Collar Neckband Active Noise Cancelling Headset Review

The Linkwitz W301 Ring Collar Neckband Active Noise Cancelling Headset is definitely a nice pair of hybrid earphones in an industry that’s super saturated, unfortunately. So I do wonder how it will fair long term but regarding the merit of the product itself, it definitely has a fighting chance. As you play your sounds it becomes quite apparent that some sort of proprietary bass boosting technology came be found in this product. Seemingly all products of this nature boast this claim so it’s not too big of a deal but still nice. Bass enhances music in an affordable fashion in comparison to high fidelity large drivers which cost a lot more and are found in headphones. The result is a sound that’s satisfactory and not overbearing. It’s hard to complain about really anything this product offers. I like how the product can be rested on your neck because my ears hurt after using earbuds for an extended period of time. The additional earbud attachments are a nice bonus that will last the test time. I will also give them credit for the packaging. In this industry you gotta do something special it’s one of the only ways to differentiate yourself as a few source factories produce most of the products in this industry. The box is well made and I think it will help sell.

The true question is here besides the box what makes this product stand out to the 100s of other hybrid ear bands on the marketplace? That’s a tricky question as not much in terms of risk was taken in the design of this item. It seems like many brands get this same exact product from the same source factory in Shenzhen and just request their brand name put placed over the item, While I do recommend this product overall the real question I must ask my self is will you ever see this review or this listing for that matter? it’s just a little too generic.


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