Sound Intone P6 Wireless/Wired Bluetooth HI-FI Stereo Headphones Review

Sound Intone P6 Wireless/Wired Bluetooth HI-FI Stereo Headphones Review

The Sound Intone P6 Wireless Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones are a nice pair of headphones if you have resonable expectations. $40 may be alot to some and very little to others and it’s all dependent on what you look for in headphones. I have conducted numerous tests on this product and I’ll tell you what I like and what I don’t. I appreciate the simple unboxing process you just have to remove some tape from the sides and the plastic slides right off. Just in case you are more old-fashioned the product includes a 3.5mm audio jack cable which can be used if Bluetooth is not your thing. At times Bluetooth is not my thing as the technology has flaws in its current 4.0 format so it’s a nice luxury to have. The product is powered by a battery that requires micro USB power to charge. This is necessary for using Bluetooth and for pausing, playing, skipping songs using one of the 4 interface buttons on the outside of the earcup. The product also comes with a USB to Micro SD adapter which means as long as you supply your own card you will be able to put songs from your computer onto your headphones if your phone is dead.

Now it’s time to discuss the results of all the different tests I have conducted. First, let’s discuss sound bleed, unfortunely it’s apparent which means you have to make sure you don’t play explicit music to close to your parents or teacher. The comfort test came out alright the ear cushions are nice and do in fact cover my entire ears. However, the headpiece is lacking any protection which could be an issue during long sessions. The range test is fine I walked away from my phone and closed a few doors and still the music was playing with no skipping or distortion. Finally and most importantly let’s discuss the sound test. The audio quality is probably the biggest downside. It’s just plain average nothing really stands out. There is a noticeable bass boost which benefits modern songs. But still the sounds just falls a little flat to me and maybe I’m a little too picky as I have reviewed many of them here on my site. Overall it’s decent little headset it’s like a role player in the NBA. The things it does right is just kinda what’s expected from a headset of this price. But it’s flaws prevent it from ever being an all-star. Thanks very much for sending me this item for review. No further compensation was provided beside the free item.


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