Gulikit ROUTE+ Wireless USB-C Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver for Nintendo Switch, Headphones Review

Gulikit ROUTE+ Wireless USB-C Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver for Nintendo Switch, Headphones Review

The Gulikit ROUTE+ Wireless USB-C Bluetooth Transmitter is for all intensive purposes the first of it’s kind. I seriously cannot find anything like this product on the market and it’s very impressive. Usually, I see some sort of contraption that requires plugging in a 3.5mm audio jack cable into the device of choice and then into a Bluetooth receiver on the other end which is then paired to the speaker or headset of choice via Bluetooth. It accomplishes the same thing but it’s much more complicated and messy than this product. Also, did I mention you need a micro USB cable for charging these typical transmitters? This product, however, is very different it receives power and audio all from the USB-C male port that plugs in directly into the female Nintendo Switch port. The packaging this product comes was stellar for sure. For a new product, it looked clean and lacked any major visual imperfections. I did make one mistake in the video review I was confused with the cable provided in the box. I thought it was an extension cable for the adapter but no the female USB-C to USB Male is meant to use while the product is docked. It makes perfect sense in hindsight but during the video, I was a little confused.

Now for the actual setup process once you plug in the device to your Nintendo Switch. The adapter should turn into one of those flying guardians like things. It looks crazy cool with the flashing blue and red lights. Look up BOTW flying guardian if you don’t know what I’m talking about. At this point activate Bluetooth pairing on your Bluetooth speaker or headphones. This process should be fairly quick it’s quite easy all around. If you wish to change speakers or simply disconnect bluetooth from the speaker without turning off the Bluetooth adapter just hold down the little button on the unit itself which is situated on top of the lights. The product has a nice form factor it barely sticks out of the switch. I really wish the switch put the USB-C port on top, not the bottom as it doesn’t really stand up well but it’s not the product’s fault obviously. The product claims to use APX low latency technology I’m not sure how to prove that as it’s hard for me to tell something so minute. But in my experence, I had no issues with latency so don’t worry too much about that. The product does not have a battery which means it should never get to warm which is a good thing. Overall I’m really a big fan of this item. Before I forget the product does include a female USB-C port on the bottom so you can still charge your switch while using the product so don’t worry. Just be aware if you unplug something from the female side of the product it does cause the product to lose Bluetooth signal for a short period but it will return. Obviously, if you unplug the product from the male side it turns off completely as that’s it’s only power source. This item was sent to me for review but I assure you now my opinions of this item would have been mutual if I paid for this thanks GuliKit.


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    This looks creative and very useful for me. I think I may get one soon, Thanks.

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