TWS-17 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

TWS-17 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review

Earbuds are something used by millions of people around the world for good reason. Apple popularized them by including them with all iPhones however it’s been a long time coming and it’s time for a change in this space. This product is a worthy successor to earbuds and a competitor to airpods. The difference is this also works with Android which allows me to try it while airpods only work for Apple devices. So, in reality, their is no competition 90% of the world uses Android while around 13% uses Apple. Also, airpods are quite expensive and do not come with your phone. It’s interesting how this product comes with a case in which you can charge your earbuds it even comes with a cover and a micro usb port. I like this system even with its flaws.

Giving people the option to use one earbud sounds good in theory but it’s executed not as nicely as I would have wished. I try connecting both earbuds after I turned it on like any normal person and only 1 earbud would connect it’s quite annoying. Also, there is nothing preventing the earbud from falling out of your ear so expect it to happen and they will hit the ground. You also get this white cable and this other adapter this exists to help apple users gain access to all this product has to offer. I can’t figure out what they do or why you would need it. The sound production from the item is fine producing decent to good audio that could have had better sound reproduction but it will do for now. Overall new technology will always have flaws this is the 1st generation of wireless earbuds and it’s not where it needs to be yet, however, I have faith it will get there but for now be patient and enjoy what’s been coming out it’s solid and does work mostly.


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