JE 10W Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker UT-11 With QI Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone & Android

JE 10W Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker UT-11 With QI Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone & Android

The JE 10W Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker UT-11 With QI Wireless Charging Pad accomplishes something I have never seen before. I personally have never heard of a Bluetooth speaker combined with a wireless charger. So this product is known as something called first to market and there are some mild concessions made but overall it does so much right it’s hard to knock it. First of all the presentation is executed very nicely. The box and packaging feel very premium and it doesn’t stop their. The actual product also looks pretty nice with its wood accents and serious looking subwoofer on the bottom of the product. The product also includes a 3.5mm audio jack cable and micro USB cable for charging. So there are a few mild concessions made as I mentioned before and I want to discuss them right now. Firstly the product does not have a USB port for charging which means older devices won’t have any way to charge their phones like the newer Qi-enabled phones. This is kinda annoying however because you can charge your phone and listen to music at the same time it’s ok. The item seems to be a little bigger and heavier than the average speaker. The product also has a clock feature which can be adjusted by clicking the touch -, m, or + buttons located on the wood accent. I like the choice to use a physical power button as it’s easier to use in my experiences and the inclusion of a micro sd card slot means you could play your music without Bluetooth if necessary.

So now to the actual music and charing. Let’s start with music the product uses a heavy bass boost great for more contemporary music like pop and rap. Not so great for classic rock or jazz but that’s ok and most speakers are made that way so that’s fine. The music can get pretty loud on this thing and even in this case their’s really no noticeable distortion that emanates from the product. Now moving on to the wireless Qi charger it’s nothing too special and make sure you give this thing some time when you first turn on the product. For some reason, many wireless chargers simply don’t work the first time you turn it on and I always think I broke it or something. The product holds around 4400mah between the 2 power cells found within the product. So between wireless charging and playing music expect 3 hours of usage. However, if you just play music it should last around 12 hours. Maybe they can fix the disparity in the future as that’s not too long. Overall this product is bring something new to the table. Will this be the future of Bluetooth speakers? Not sure but I can’t wait to find out. Thanks for sending me this item for review no further compensation was provided.


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