Rexsoul Tactical Hydration Backpack With 2.5L Water Bladder Leak-Proof Review

Rexsoul Tactical Hydration Backpack With 2.5L Water Bladder Leak-Proof Review

Hey you… yea you have you ever wanted a Camelbak but you don’t feel like overpaying for one? Well, this product may be right for you depending on what you’re looking for. The Rexsoul Tactical Hydration Backpack is made especially for biking or hiking with it’s increased storage capacity. There are all sorts of interesting places to put stuff in this bag from velcro compartments to zippered areas. It also has a water bladder comparable to the Camelbak HydroBak which measures around 2.5L and should be suitable for any moderate hiker. I wouldn’t suggest this for Everest or Denali or anything but if you plan to scale Marcy or Fuji now this is something that could be suitable. Just make sure you wash this thing when you first get it and in between each trip as it arrives with a pretty bad factory smell and can be a breeding ground for bacteria if warm water is left in between trips. I like the black aesthetic but you can get this thing in Beige if you would prefer that. The drinking mechanisms are exactly like Camelbak with the blue suction thing you can gotta suck really hard for the first time to get it broke in. The product keeps mentioning 1000D I had no idea what that was so I looked it up and it seems to be a reputable polyester that can take a punch.

So now for my personal experence with this item. I took this on some short hikes 2-3 miles and I do like this thing overall but there are some minor gripes. The process of filling this thing up can be annoying the cap is on pretty tight when it arrives and requires some real force to open it the first time. I also don’t like the smell of the product when it first arrives and finally the storage space is definitely lacking. I mean you cant put a laptop or a sleeping bag in this thing like a normal hiking bag. So either you need to buy a traditional bag to bring along or opt-in for a much more expensive bag. To be fair this is more of an industry issue then their problem. Camelbak charges over $100 if you want true storage space with the hydropak so it’s not their fault. Overall I like this thing and it does it’s intended purpose. However for me personally I rather just use a traditional swiss bag and put water bottles in it myself. However, you may feel differently than me and that’s ok. Thanks very much for sending me this item for review no additional compensation was provided beside the free product. Check out the Pebos T-shirt and the buy now link for this item below.


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