Tocode Water Resistant School/Work Travel Backpack With USB Charging Port Tocode-17010 Review

Tocode Water Resistant School/Work Travel Backpack With USB Charging Port Tocode-17010 Review

The Tocode Water Resistant School/Work Travel Backpack With USB Charging Port is a high-quality backpack with a few quirks that don’t seem to hit all the marks but it hits most. The main differentiating factor between this and a normal backpack is the free female usb adapter and a small little cut out in the backpack to put the adapter. The company was nice enough to actually include a free USB cable as well which while not necessary was definitely appreciated. It doesn’t appear to be a fast charger compatible cable so make sure you are aware of that. This is not a big deal as it’s easy to switch it with your own cable. I do think the biggest misconception about this product is how you power this backpack. The device does not contain any sort of power source which means you must supply your own power. At least there is a nice spot to put your power bank that’s close to the compartment for the female USB adapter. I also found it a bit surprising that black/grey is the only color available for purchase. Usually, bags come in white and even pink for girls but not in this case. The bag contains 4 primary compartments varying in sizes. All with various storage options within each compartment like zippered areas, thin dividers and holders for stuff like drinks. I like the hidden zipper located on the back of the bag. I actually didn’t even see it when making the video review and works well in private testing. However, I would not call it anti-theft as someone can still easily take the entire bag and just use something sharp to open the bag if necessary.

So now for the actual usage experence with this bag. I tried to put a really heavy item in the bag and that was a 20-pound dumbbell. The bag did not break however the back straps did extend significantly and that’s the critical flaw with this product. I understand this is heavier then what most users would put in this thing but that’s still an issue. That’s not acceptable as my Swiss Bag never did such a thing. I don’t think the price difference can exempt them from such a critical feature. Otherwise, when putting a fair amount of stuff in like some books or a power bank it performed nicely and was quite comfortable. I did notice some minor strap loosing but not as bad as the original test. The product is also missing those strap clips that you can connect together on swiss bags so they stay on securely during strenuous activity. The product does have a handle it’s in a weird spot and not directly on the top of the bag but it works nicely and this is merely an aesthetic concern. The bag can hold 2 bottles one on each side and they appear to be nice and sturdy. Overall it’s not a perfect bag however it looks and feels just like a premium $60 swiss bag and as long as you don’t push this thing too far it could be the backpack you bring to school or work daily. Thanks for sending me this item for review no compensation was provided just this free item.


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