Amoner High Speed Micro USB Cable Review

Amoner High Speed Micro USB Cable Review



Amoner High Speed Micro USB Cable Review.
Well Micro USB Cables are really a dime a dozen these days there are so many different companies producing these things. And add that with the fact USB type C could be taking over soon it definitely may be overwhelming to buyers for shopping for these things. What I can say about this deal is it’s very simple. For 3 cables of this quality. With its thick nylon that doesn’t tear, the thick pin connectors that won’t drop your phone even if you flip it upside down and a nice looking design.I think it’s safe to say this product is a winner.

Don’t forget about the 2-year warranty or the fast charging options. Beware as some companies claim this but it’s not always the case. I do have a galaxy s7 so I was able to test this claim and to no surprise, it passed the test. I like how they give you the 10ft cable, 6ft and the 3ft cable. They all have different purposes. I mainly use the 10ft as it gives me more freedom on the go however if I’m doing data transfer maybe only 3ft is necessary. Or if a friend needs one I give them the 3ft one just in case he loses it. It comes in a resealable bag so when I inevitably lose both of them in 2 months the 6ft one will remain. I will take care of the remaining one and it would probably last awhile as well. Overall just plain solid cables.


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