Havit S10 USB Gaming Mouse Review

Havit S10 USB Gaming Mouse Review

In this price range, I’m absolutely stunned in regards to the value this product brings to the table. I’m used to these very small wireless mouses that hurt my hand as they barely cover up enough real estate to house my fingers and the plan lack of features. I’m used to expecting a simple mouse with a right and left clicker and if I’m lucky a scroller. The HAVIT S10 2400DPI mouse really should be considered the definitive product for this price range. I have never seen a gaming mouse for 9.99 that’s actually large enough to house all of my fingers. It’s a huge factor this is not some small mouse this is a medium to large mouse that will comfortably fit even big hands while gaming or just general computer browsing. Let’s remember this is called a gaming mouse and thanks to DPI features it’s successful in this field as well. 2400DPI is more than enough sensitivity even for professional no scope 360 wall bang call of duty players that currently flourish on youtube and MLG platforms. Not only that but this product lights up. And it’s not just in one color this thing comes in many different colors and once again for this price range that’s rare. You get bright red, purple with some red and blue. To change the color just simply press the button above the DPI button.

Let me just say wow these colors are bright I thought my backlit keyboard was lit but this thing is even more lit than this. I’m not sure when color was considered a gaming mouse feature because I wish all mouses did this. I tired playing numerous games from TF2, CSGO and even Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. All games mentioned played very well with this mouse. I even tired some emulators Dolphin 5.0 which just released and Cemu. Both after some tinkering played games like Xenoblade Chronicles, The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker no problem. Moving on this product is indeed wired some people may dislike this feature I personally don’t mind this as replacing batteries in your mouse every 6 months can get annoying and costly overtime. In the long run people it’s worth it to stay with a cord. Even if it consumes a USB port constantly remember wireless mouses still use USB adapters anyway so to be honest it’s no different in terms of port requirements. The packaging for this product is also very nice. It’s packaged compactly but elegantly with a slide off cover and a thin layer of foam covering the product. The instructions are also included as well as some warranty info under the yellow compartment. To be honest I thought this was a licensed batman product or something as the logo looked similar but it just means Magic Eagle. The only small nitpick I could possibly have about this mouse is that when you don’t use a mousepad the tracking is a little imprecise it’s still usable of course but it can get a little annoying. So just make sure you have a mouse pad and you will have no problems. Overall the HAVIT S10 2400DPI USB Gaming Mouse is a fantastic value for anyone who has 10 dollars and wants a nice gaming mouse. It has all the bells and whiles of a 30 dollar mouse yet just look at the price tag. The DPI levels are above average, the size is great and those colors are great. Thanks so much for the review I recommend any gamer get this mouse.


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