Nearpow Multifunctional 7-Day Cycle Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer Outlet Review

Nearpow Multifunctional 7-Day Cycle Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer Outlet Review

The Nearpow Multifunctional Programmable Timer Outlet is a multi-versatile product with many uses. From giving the illusion you are still home/awake at night or when you leave for vacation, maybe you wish to save on your power bill and you have issues forgetting to turn off your lights downstairs this product helps, or if you have kids that keep playing Xbox all night and won’t go to sleep this product also helps with that as well. One thing I found very surprising was the timer. Even when unplugged the device emits enough power from the onboard battery to keep the timer going which means you will not have to reset the device everytime it gets unplugged and that’s really awesome. If you wish to adjust the time or date simply hold down the clock button and click the week, day, second, hour buttons. If this does not work grab a pin and click the reset button above the min button and this should work. However be aware this does not come in the package and you must supply your own. If you wish to change the product to daylight savings mode that is possible here. Just keep pressing the random button until the DST logo appears in the bottom right corner.

When the product is on it will not emit a red light. This means power is not being drawn from the wall effectively saving you power. When the product does emit a red light that means it’s off allowing power to flow. You can set this to a specific time or just a generic timer that lasts a couple of hours for these events to occur. The port on the wall is grounded so make sure your wall outlet is also grounded. Obviously, anything electrical requires proper safety precautions. This product does have FCC, CE and ROHS certification so I’m glad to hear that. Overall it’s a solid product and works well in a variety of ways.


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