Smartwood 2 Pack Wifi Amazon Alexa Smart Home Plug Outlet Review

Smartwood 2 Pack Wifi Amazon Alexa Smart Home Plug Outlet Review

The Smartwood WIFI smart plug 2 pack is a cool product in a new emerging field. In this digital age everything is becoming a smart device. From smart TVs to smart blenders and beyond. This product is apart of the new category of smart plugs. The main purpose of this product among the many others in this field is convenience and energy savings. This product achieves this by offering a schedule feature which allows you to turn on and off power at a set time every day insuring you are not wasting any extra power. I could see this as something very useful to someone who forgets to turn off the lights in the morning or at night. If that’s not enough there is also a timer feature which allows you to supply power on a temporary basis if necessary. The app also provides remote controls which means you can turn off or on power with a click of a button on your phone with the specified app called power life. The product also has voice command features but it was a hassle to setup so I never got to that.

The process of connecting this device to your phone via WIFI could have been simpler but it’s not too bad. Make sure you hold down the power button on the plug for 5 seconds untill it starts flashing once you have done that click add a device on the app and confirm the reset button was pressed and at this point pairing will begin and it should connect around 50% through the process. Once connected you can access the settings menu which has integration options and scenes.


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