SVINZ Digital Dual Alarm Clock Review

SVINZ Digital Dual Alarm Clock Review

Overall I liked the Svinz Digital Dual Alarm Clock with 2 USB ports but I must mention the one gripe I have about the thing and it’s the screen. It’s dim and when I mean dim I mean really dim if it’s not at the perfect angle. It’s like playing a Gameboy color without those detachable lights in the dark it’s not a fun time. To address the issue more it seems like this product hates the light if you move the device near a light it will become very dim however if you put it away from the light it will be clear. So make sure you position it in a spot where it’s not getting direct light and it will look very good. The product can also tell you the air temperature of the room you are currently in which I like as sometimes my thermostat lies, however, I wish there was a way for it to tell me the outside temperature but that’s impossible without wifi capabilities.

The big scroll on the top of the product is used to adjust the time of the product and it works well enough it makes a very annoying sound so you won’t forget to stop doing this. On the back of the item it says set or lock so you can’t adjust the time, to begin with, if it’s on lock. So if you don’t hear an annoying sound and your time won’t move you know why. The product has the ability for two different alarms which is cool however my cell phone can have up to 100 so it’s not that big of an accomplishment in 2017. The USB ports are nice and provide around 1amp of power and the ability to adjust Fahrenheit to Celsius and 12hr to 24 hr clock is also appreciated. Overall it’s a very nice clock but the screen is annoying initially.


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