Flux Polarized PT005 Sports Sunglasses Review

Flux Polarized PT005 Sports Sunglasses Review

I really like the Flux Polarized Sunglasses for this price point I was expecting cheap looking materials and uncomfortable nose supports that were going to leave markings. That’s not what I got here firstly the product in the red mirror and red arms looks really nice. It’s a premium material or at least premium looking material it has no scratches and the color quality is very high. Not sure what materials this thing is made from but it’s a step above similarly marked sunglasses. But more importantly how is the comfort of this product? This is the feature I care most about and well…

It’s extremely comfortable and after extended usage pressure did not build up in my sinuses which can happen. Not sure if it’s psychological or not but there were no red markings on my skin either. Typical sunglasses leave markings under my nose or under my eyes. While no hard case is supplied you are provided a penny sleeve-like case so at least some protection is provided. Within the penny case, you will also find a cleaning cloth for the mirrors. The UV protection and the polarization features are prevalent although most products have this so it’s not as big of a deal. Overall I liked this thing more than expected.


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