JEEMAK M3 4K 16MP Waterproof Sports Touch Screen Action Camera Review

JEEMAK M3 4K 16MP Waterproof Sports Touch Screen Action Camera Review

Solid Overall Package But 4K Mode Needs Work

The Jeemak M3 4K action camera is very similar to the 4K 16MP model from the last year. So I would like to discuss the new features from last year first before I restate my previous opinion. 4k 30fps is now available and while it’s nice to see an effort made towards improving this feature from last year it’s still not usable in a professional setting. Frequently the fps will drop to levels that are not usable and the codec seems to mess up my video editor. The touchscreen seems to be a lot more responsive than last year as I was able to scroll on the screen with ease. The lack of included micro sd card still hurts by the way. Now let’s discuss what I said last year. There is a lot to like about the Jeemak M3 4K Action Cam 16MP as it’s undoubtedly a worthy competitor the GoPro at a sharp fraction of the price. It’s simply amazing what they were able to do in such a tight package. It does 4k video, 1080p and 720p footage which is really cool. I think this camera could be used on youtube if necessary as it’s getting closer to go pro hero levels of quality. However, I don’t see a way to turn on pc camera mode like other products in this category so that may be a problem. It also comes with a variety of different accessories like the go pro which includes the travel case, tripod mount, cleaning cloth, clicking remote and many many other cool things as well. I use a program called Camtasia and the footage which is MP4 was accepted with no issues in the program. However, the 4k mode was an exception and I will mention in more detail in the next paragraph.

This product is definitely not perfect by any means for the following reasons. Firstly the fps on 4k mode and frame stability does look like it could need some optimizations it’s not the best but by no means is it a deal breaker at the current price. Also, the microphone could use a boost in quality. Please listen to the video I made it really needs an improvement and you really need to use a shotgun microphone or some sort of external mic. Another option is being like me and just use the product as a webcam and just use your own microphone on your computer. That’s if you can get this feature to work which I had issues unforuntely. Back to some more cool stuff the waterproof feature claims up to 100ft of protection. I soaked it in my sink and it seemed to work fine. Also, don’t let me forget it comes with a spare 1050 mah battery which is amazing. I was able to record all the footage I needed in a day without any issue with power and that’s huge!! This thing has wifi as well. Overall I really do like this product and while it’s not perfect and to be honest it’s pretty much the same product as last year besides some minor visual changes. it’s hard to expect anymore considering the bargain bin pricing. Thanks for sending me this item for review but no further compensation was provided.


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