Campark X10 4K 2.26″ LCD Touch Screen 16MP Waterproof Sports Camera Review

Campark X10 4K 2.26″ LCD Touch Screen 16MP Waterproof Sports Camera Review

Great Value But 4K Mode Should Be Removed.

There is plenty to enjoy regarding the Campark X10 4K Action Cam as it’s undoubtedly a worthy successor to the GoPro at a sharp fraction of the price. It’s simply amazing what they were able to do in such a tight package. It does 4k video, 60fps 1080p video, has a webcam mode which means it could be used on youtube if necessary, comes with a variety of different accessories like the go pro which includes the signature case and many other cool things as well. Firstly allow me to discuss in more detail regarding the webcam feature which only works on the PC in my testing. I use a program called bandicam and I was surprised to see this camera show up as a webcam in my settings bar quickly it’s truly a beautiful sight. But don’t worry as soon as you unplug this thing from your computer it will turn back into a normal action camera. Another cool feature is the touchscreen display that appears to be around 2.5 inches. The screen is very responsive and does not gather fingerprints very easily. This product is almost identical to the Campark X20 which is a little bit more expensive but I’m having a hard time figuring out any conceivable difference between these two items. They both perform almost identically and both contain similar features from the 4k mode to the touchscreen. I do think the box design on this model looks a lot nicer with the eye-catching red and black backsplash on the box. I also like the choice to use micro USB power over mini it’s an issue I see with other brands. I don’t get why some companies still use the dying mini USB cable it’s not preferable for anyone as barely anyone has extras of these things lying around. At least with micro USB if you lose the cable included in the box chances are you probably have an extra micro USB cable lying around from an old android phone or tablet.

This product is not perfect by any means however and I will mention why now. Firstly the 4k mode is utter garbage whether it’s the irregular frame rate, weird artifacts that come up on screen, poor image stabilization among many other issues I think it’s safe to assume this mode could need some optimizations. I feel like the only reason this feature was included was for marketing purposes only. I think people get mesmerized by the allure of a wifi 4k touchscreen action camera all for $60. To be honest they need to change this as the 4K mode is simply unusable in any professional setting. I feel like this may cause the return rate of this item to be higher than necessary. Also, the microphone could use a boost in quality it does not sound very good. I tested it in a variety of modes and you are going to need either an external microphone like a rode or something. Or be like me and I used this thing as a webcam and just used my own microphone from my PC so this was not an issue. I also did not like how the product forces you to use a micro sd card if you wish to use the product but does not include one. That’s a little harsh it should have some space on the device for a test video at least. Back to some more cool stuff, the waterproof feature seems to work well when the case is on. I soaked it in my sink and it seemed to work fine and the timer on the front of the product is unique. Overall it’s a solid camera that has the same pros and cons as many of the other brands in the marketplace and especially in comparison to the X20. Thanks for sending me this product for review no further compensation was provided besides a free sample.


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