MOSPRO 4.5L Automatic Pet Feeder Review

MOSPRO 4.5L Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The MOSPRO intelligent voice-activated automatic pet feeder does a lot of interesting stuff for sure. The voice commands work and they are intuitive but it’s not perfect by any means. Also, no pet food is included just be aware of that as it caused confusion for some. It has a UI with a LED screen probably around 2 inches and buttons. Rec, play, set, up and ok all are prevalent on the front and do their job. The microphone is covered by the blue base so make sure you identify the location of it before setting it up. Speaking of setup the blue base is not as easy as it looks to install. I had beginners luck the first time and it instantly attached into place. However, due to various circumstances I had to remove the blue cover and reinstalling was time-consuming for some reason.

I was also confused by the instructions. It stated no power adapter was included however one clearly came in the box. However, the D batteries that also necessary to use this product are not included. Why would you need 2 different power sources? Unless it only needs one of 2 power sources maybe? This product is sized 5-15mm and takes primarily dry foods. Wet foods will stain everything as it’s white so don’t do that. Overall it has cons and pros but it’s solid enough.


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