VACNITE Remote Smart Automatic Pet Feeder for Dog or Cat Review

VACNITE Remote Smart Automatic Pet Feeder for Dog or Cat Review

The Vacnite Remote Automatic Pet Feeder is a versatile device that can be used for multiple animals. From dogs to cats it works for them all with relative ease. I can’t begin to explain how surprised I was to see the device be equipped with an HD webcam seamlessly integrated with the pet feeder’s application called smart pet. Be aware this app is indeed necessary to use this product to the fullest of it’s abilities. The product has an capacity of about 6 LBs which is largest enough to supply food to any animal of reasonable mass for at least a few days if not more. While setup can seem a little intimidating I was able to get through the entire process with minimal hassle. Within 20 minutes everything was set up and ready to go. The alarm system which indicates the product has begun feeding is a bit annoying but I guess it acts as a classical conditioning method for your pet. Overtime when this sound get’s released your pet will eventually understand what it means and claim it’s food without any input from the user.

The product runs on DC power with a reasonable cord length of around 6-8ft. It even has an automatic food dispenser that provides a temporary trey of food for your pet while he eats. So he is not forced to eat the food off the ground. The warranty with this item is industry standard with a 30 day money back guarantee. 1 annoying feature that does need to be addressed is the method of unlocking. It’s imprecise and at times is not read correctly. You are supposed to slide your finger from the left arrow to the back button on the UI but this only works maybe 50% of the time. Overall the Vacnite Pet Feeder is a solid device for any pet owner who wants to go all out for man’s best friend or women.


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