YOBOKO Inflatable Pillow Review

YOBOKO Inflatable Pillow Review

The best uses I could envision for the YOBOKO portable travel pillow is for either young children or decoration. They definitely look real enough when blown up however if an average sized adults tried to use this results may vary. I don’t like how they expect you to inflate this product on your own. I like when everything you need to use the item comes with it and that’s not the case. I would say it’s probably around a foot in length and 6 inches in width so plan accordingly. Potentially for a chair or something you could use this if you are an adult. The product comes in three colors red, blue and beige and I know the picture looks white but I assure you when you look at my pictures it’s not white.

I personally used this product as a pillow for my computer chair. I have issues with my posture when sitting in a chair. I usually sit with a hunch leading to neck pain later in the day. The issue is I do this subconsciously as I’m more focused on the assignment I’m working on then how I sit in my chair. This product helped me by reminding me to lean back in my chair as soon as I didn’t feel it anymore I knew my posture was off and I would lean back much faster than without it. It did help me


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