Lougnee Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Review

Lougnee Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Review

A Fun Time With A Sufficient Learning Curve

The Lougnee Inflatable Air Sofa is a fun time indeed when you get past the learning curve for using this product. This product among the other carbon copies sourced from somewhere in Eastern China that appear on Amazon have been utilizing this new technology in recent memory. The air pump hole and manual air blowing options are now being phased out for this dual chamber wind capturing system. In which the user must fly the product like a kite for a few seconds outside by pushing the middle flap to the left or right then closing the product soon after. I got to be honest while this technique works for the most part I just don’t think it’s ready for the limelight. It’s a real pain in the ass for newcomers and I wish an air pump slot was used as a secondary option for those users who have issues with this technique. Some users mentioned in the other reviews I have seen that during windy days it’s quite easy to use this product. The issue is it was not windy today so blowing up this product was not as easy as it could have been. The product comes with a carry on bag which is used to carry the product in a small space for transportation. No instructions or any other packaging was included in this package and that may bother some users but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal. The product at this time costs less than $20 and I think it’s a fair value for the price considering how much this stuff used to cost back in the day. I’m not sure exactly how long this product is I would estimate around 6 feet long during its maximum air capacity and around 2-3 feet off the ground. So this should be sufficient for most people I would imagine. When it’s time to stop collecting air you must roll up the air opening like a used bag of chips to preserve freshness and use the clip to the lock it into place. I find this methodology as flawed as after 2 hours of use a noticeable amount of air was relinquished.

So besides the air gathering set up for this product the rest is fairly simple. Once blown up you’re basically done and now you must find a space to place it that’s all. I actually found the item to be quite comfortable but be aware if you sit on it like a chair it will push most of the air to each side of the unit making the middle where your butt is pretty flat nearly touching the ground. So be smart and just use this for laying down. I don’t really see how 2 people could fit on here so it seems like this is solely a one person item which is not too surprising as the advertising seems to suggest that anyway. Fortunately, the learning curve for removing the air is not so bad. Think of it as closing a sleeping bag. You can fold it in half and then start rolling up and most of the air should come out during this process. Once this is done the product weighs not that much clocking in around 2 pounds. So you should be able to easily move this around once it’s put away which is a relief. Just for an experiment, I tried using a big fan to blow this thing up instead of waving this item around in public like a buffoon. It kinda works but to be fair when I tested this I did not look up how to do this correctly so I was still under the impression that both air chambers could be open during the blowup process which is not the case. Overall the Lougnee Inflatable Sofa is a decent product for any child or younger adult. I think this industry has a way to go with this technology before I would recommend ditching your air pump but it’s definitely a good start and I always like to reward innovation. Thanks for sending me this product for review no further compensation was provided for this review.


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