JJRC H36 2.4GHZ 6AXIS MINI Quadcopter Drone Review

JJRC H36 2.4GHZ 6AXIS MINI Quadcopter Drone Review

The JJRC H36 Mini Gyro Drone is one for the ages the fact this thing even works is not anything to sense at. More importantly, this hit the ground many times during my tests as the learning curve can be a little challenging at first. The cool part is no damage was sustained which is a big deal considering the price. To charge this product plug in the cables into the USB attachment. This process is manual and switching between charging and powering the drone is a mild inconvenience. I presume the cloth is for cleaning the inevitable damage this product will obtain but it’s all right. You also get 4 extra propellers I have not had to replace any yet but it looks easy enough.

Once you turn the product on the fun truly begins.The battery could be bigger but it’s still a fun time although like I mentioned before it takes time to master the controls of this item. It has good height and good distance I do wish the product could maintain a constant height and angle but due to the price point, it must always be moving in one direction it seems. Although some people may disagree I like the Rasberry pi feel this product has. With its minimal soldering and exposed motherboard. Overall it’s a very solid item well worth the admission.


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