Taotuo X25-1 2.4GHZ Flying Quadcopter/Drone And Remote Control Car Review

Taotuo X25-1 2.4GHZ Flying Quadcopter/Drone And Remote Control Car Review

The Taotuo X25-1 2.4GHZ Drone and RC Car is a combination of epic proportions. I have never personally seen a drone and a RC car all in one product. Especially one that is implemented almost flawlessly. One major flaw with other drones in this price range is the flight controller. It’s some flimsy piece of junk that I can barely even control. This product on the other hand uses a full sized controller something you need 2 hands to carry. It comes with 2 full sized control sticks for easier navigation and pairing is quite quick. Unfortunately the controls are not perfect the some flaws are as followed. The product cannot maintain constant height. Which means you will need to constantly move this thing up/down or left/right it’s a shame that the product cannot maintain equilibrium but this is more of a dream then a criticism as I have yet to find a sub 100 dollar drone that could do such a thing. The lack of batteries included does sting but is not a deal breaker. Charging the product is pretty simple ensure you turn the on switch off of course. Then unplug the power cord and plug it into the USB adapter that comes with the product. The company smartly includes 4 extra propellers as I crashed the product a few times during testing and doing this long term will probably lead to breakage. 2 wings are black and 2 wings are white I don’t know if it matters where they go but it’s colored colored for some reason I presume.

Be aware the wings spin very fast during flight and will hurt your fingers if you try to grab the thing while it’s spinning. Now let’s move on to the RC car mode. Honestly for beginners it’s the better mode and you don’t even have to pull off the wings or use a different controller. The RC car mode activates when the drone is on the ground and you use only the right control stick to control. It moves in 4 cardinal directions and side directions as well which is quite awesome. The battery is fair and lasts 30-60 min which is nothing to sneeze at. For some reason the white model is $49.99 while the black model is $54.99 other then hue I don’t understand the price increase and for that reason I will link to the white model. Sorry for backtracking but I just remembered to access the battery compartment on the controller you need a screwdriver fortunately this is included in the box and can be used for the screw on the back of the controller. This makes the pain of gathering your own batteries more manageable. Overall this product does have flaws and it may seem like more of a 4 star or 3.5 star product. However I must give extra credit for innovation. I have never seen even a half decent attempt at an RC car and Drone and this company must be awarded. Thanks for reading this review this product was sent for review without additional compensation.


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