UMTELE 20X Telephoto And Fisheye Lens + Mini Tripod Android And iPhone Cell Phone Lens Review

UMTELE 20X Telephoto And Fisheye Lens + Mini Tripod Android And iPhone Cell Phone Lens Review

The UMTELE 20X telephoto and fisheye lens which happens to come with a mini tripod is an interesting package. I was hyped for this thing when I originally agreed to make a review of it as I wanted something that could help me produce more professional mobile photography. Unfortunely this item here did not do the job and I will get into why later on. The package is quite impressive the box feels premium and the telephoto lens is by far the most impressive mobile lens I have ever seen. When you spin the shaft of the lens it dilates like a DSLR zoom lens. The small white text that can be found on the front of the lens seems very authentic to the way Sony does their lens and it looks very professional. The product also comes with a simple to use fisheye lens that works fine and doesn’t require the clip. However, the clip is definitely necessary for the bigger lens and the company recommends not using it without the tripod as well. The product comes with a Bluetooth remote which you can use to take photos remotely. They were nice enough to include a lens cloth and some detailed instructions which just further adds to the premium feel. The product claims in the title to be made for Android And IOS. This is the biggest issue with the product as I will discuss more coming up but I feel like this product was not well optimized for galaxy phones. As I tried multiple different galaxies the S7 and S6 and did not have a satisfactory experence.

So now for my actual user experence. Setting up the product was not so simple usually lens are larger enough to just kinda screw into the base clip. In this case, you have to kinda push the phone lens part into the clip and it doesn’t feel natural and at times is unbalanced. Moving the security clip to the right angle was simple enough all you needed to do was unscrew it a bit and move it around. The tripod part also was not too bad just had to screw it in quite simply. Now with all the components screwed in it’s time to go use the product. I tried attaching my phone and no matter what angle I used all I saw was an extremely blurry image that showed me basic colors of my surroundings and that’ it. I messed around with this thing for like 20 minutes and it simply did not work. I tried removing the clip and just manually moved my phone around to find the perfect angle with my hand. This did not work either I then invited my dad to use his Galaxy S6 and he could not figure it out either which resulted in him selling me to just return the item. This issue was perplexing so I took some time to read some of the others Amazon reviews and many people do mention that this product seems works better with iPhone which is a shame. Man this is really a bummer as the product is so well made and looks awesome. However it simply does not work for the S7 and that’s a huge problem. If you look carefully at all the reviews all I see is some really blurry zoomed in photos and some fisheye photos. I do not see a single decent looking zoomed in shot on Amazon and I think I know the reasons… Anyway, guys thanks for checking out this review this item was sent to me for review. No further compensation was provided obviously.


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