Hobest 12000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank With LED Flashlight Review

Hobest 12000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank With LED Flashlight Review

I have owned many portable batteries over the years… Too many to count. So you could say I’m well versed in this area. But I can say with full confidence the Hobest 12000mAh waterproof solar power bank is one of the coolest batteries I have owned. For starters that flashlight the hue is quite interesting, it’s not daylight nor a fluorescent feeling either. It’s like a reddish hue and it’s just something I have not seen before it does appear to be more efficient the daylight so I’m definitely going to take this thing camping. Another awesome feature is obviously the solar panels. Are they the most efficient things in the world? Nope, but let’s be real were you expecting them to? Solar panels cost 1000s to install even Elon hasn’t figured out that conundrum yet so I understand it. This is basically a novelty it does in fact work I’m not saying it doesn’t but it’s not practical to depend on the sun to charge this thing on a daily basis. It takes very long for that process to occur.

The product promises waterproof finishings which is why it comes with a case and the power button and light button are so hard to press. Same finishes on the USB ports they require a good push of the tab to unlock. The battery comes with 2 USB ports which is pretty standard for these things but the thing I liked, even more, was the charging speeds. It’s funny I reviewed another product that advertises fast charging while this one doesn’t mention it. This thing was giving me 1 percent every 3 minutes while the other charger I was using gave me 1 percent every 4 minutes. Funny how advertising works sometimes. The phone I was using was a galaxy s7 by the way. In terms of size and weight, this thing is definitely not the smallest and the lightest thing. Overall this product has satisfied my needs and is absolutely vital when going anywhere during long distances. I’m pathologically addicted to my phone like most people lol and that light too. This thing fits well enough in my pocket and has a nice charge. This product definitely is worth considering and thanks for reading.


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