NEXGADGET Apple Watch Charger Case 5000mAh Power Bank Review

NEXGADGET Apple Watch Charger Case 5000mAh Power Bank Review

The Nexgadget Apple Watch Charger Case 5000mAh Power Bank is interesting as it acts as a watch case and a power bank. I would not suggest using this as a traditional power bank as its weight and mass is above the reasonable size of a normal power bank. The product comes with a braided nylon micro USB cable and it’s much appreciated as the cable will be bending a bit to conform to the box shape. When using the product make sure you pull the cap off the inside of the base to reveal a hidden USB port you can use the cable I just mentioned and plug it in. Instructions are basic which is good as I don’t like reading them.

Also, most smartwatches work with this thing I tested this product using a different watch than an iwatch with no issues.This power bank is not fast charging enabled so make sure you are aware. I suggest closing your watch to ensure it will maintain it’s shape while you transport the power bank. On the exterior of the power bank, a power indicator with 5 lights indicates how much power you have left. This is useful as I’m used to 4 lights, not 5 so a more micro perspective into the power remaining on my power bank can be achieved. Remember there are 2 additional USB ports on the outside of the product so you can charge multiple watches at the same time. The micro USB port for charging the power bank is also located here. This item was provided free of charge. No additional compensation was provided.


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