Comica CVM-VG05 Pro Ball GoPro Microphone Review

Comica CVM-VG05 Pro Ball GoPro Microphone Review

The cool thing about the Comica CVM-VG05 is you don’t necessarily have to have a go pro. The adapter that converts 3.5mm power into mini USB power is not forged on. You can pull off the microphone leaving just a generic 3.5mm port that can be plugged into any phone or PC that I know of. The product also comes with a carrying case which can be useful if you are not using the product at this very moment. Also, a pop filter can be found in the case and can be easily forgotten as not everyone knows what it’s used for. Which is background noise suppression that’s cool to have. The instructions are their as well if you need it which you probably don’t. Unfortunately Chinese go pros that are from other brands do not have the same mini USB ports as a go pro so it won’t work.

In terms of actual audio, I was able to connect it to my computer and to my recording program named bandicam. I configured it with Realtek audio and you can download the drivers if you don’t see this choice. Most computers cannot recognize a microphone solely by looking at the 3.5mm audio jack as power is typically not supplied through this port. So the microphone is just channeling the audio mechanically to the sound card within the computer which it’s then interpreted into readable sounds. In terms of actual quality though it’s decent you cannot use this for professional purposes but the product reduces background noise with a tradeoff of sound quality so hobbyist is the grade I would give this thing.


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