VXMBA BM-700 Professional Condenser Microphone Bundle Scissor Arm, Pop Filter, Shock Mount Review

VXMBA BM-700 Professional Condenser Microphone Bundle Scissor Arm, Pop Filter, Shock Mount Review

If you are a struggling youtuber or maybe just a novice this product here the VXMBA BM-700 professional condenser microphone with a pop filter, shock mount, scissor arm etc has you covered. For this budget, you will be hard-pressed to find such a good deal on the net. The cool thing is all the pieces here are interchangeable which means the pop filter, scissor arm, and shock mount can be used with your own microphone and not the only provided. Speaking about the microphone provided their’s nothing that wrong with it but the audio it produces is nothing special. I excuse that due to the price but still it should be noted if you are professional this will not satisfy your needs if you plan on using the microphone. However, even if that’s the case buying this and using the awesome pop filter, shock mount and scissor arm with your Yeti or Samson mic, for example, is not only something I would suggest but actually encourage so I thank the company for not using a weird condenser microphone size.

I conducted sound tests and compared to my gaming headset it produced only slightly better audio which is a bit disappointing but to be fair my headset was not cheap and does not come with any bells and whistles this item does. If you have reasonable expectations then you will be blown away here, however, there is one more caveat you must know. The product comes with XLR to 3.5mm and 3.5mm to USB cable which means you actually don’t need anything to make this work, however. If you wish to have actual good audio you need to provide your own phantom power and an extra XLR cable which is annoying for whatever reason the USB converter is not strong enough. I recommend using this for speaking from one person like a podcast or commentary. Overall the item has some issues I mentioned but still its a very good deal for beginners in a field that is becoming increasingly crowded.


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