ARCHEER UHF Wireless Microphone System Review

ARCHEER UHF Wireless Microphone System Review

The ARCHEER UHF wireless microphone system gives you a lot of versatility here. The 2 microphones are high quality and seem to be as they are dynamic although I’m not sure. Well, I just checked the description it seems I’m right. The batteries are not included with this model and that’s a bummer. People really like to plug in and play type of model and this case it can’t be done. Both require 2 AA batteries to work so you would need 4 in total for the entire system to work. The receiver takes in a 12DC power cord and can be plugged into any wall. You even got antennas on the back of this thing for max range. If you wish to hook this up to your pc you are going to need some of your own do so.

The recordings from this product came out clear with minimal background noise on my frequency of 227.1 MHz Fixed Frequency. I did not see any way of adjusting the frequency on the microphone so make sure nothing you own could be on the same frequency or it could cause interference which is never good. I also wished these microphone had some sort of 3.5mm port or something that I could have connected with my computer easily but it’s ok. Overall it’s a solid good sounding microphone with some minor flaws.


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