Seago Electronic Sonic Toothbrush Review

Seago Electronic Sonic Toothbrush Review

The Seago USB Sonic Toothbrush is for people who wanna gotta go fast like sonic. It does a 2 in 1 job. It’s a pretty good flosser although if you have time/ not too lazy I would just use floss and it’s pretty good at brushing your teeth as well. It’s definitely a learning curve compared to traditional brushes when the battery is on it feels almost abrasive in a way which is good because plac is more likely to fall off, however, It does seem as flexibility may have been given up and also it’s harder to reach the wisdom teeth due to the sensitivity pain. But overall the trade-off appears to be worth it for most.

The product comes with 2 additional brushes and 1 brush pre-attached. They are all the same brush so this product was made to last a long time. You get 5 modes with this product I do wish a separate button was used to choose the modes instead of having to hold down the power button longer to change modes but it’s ok. You have a white mode which is the strongest mode and promotes white teeth, a clean mode is a little weaker and promotes clean teeth, sensitively is for people like me who use Sensodyne toothpaste, polish changes the speed of the motor and massage is very weak almost useless in most cases. The product comes with a micro USB cable and the charging port is on the bottom. Remember to remove the flap. Close it when you’re done or the product won’t be waterproof. The product has a 2-minute timer before it stops and it weighs only 55 grams it’s a solid product overall.


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