Liaboe V5731 Electric Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush IPX7 Review

Liaboe V5731 Electric Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush IPX7 Review

The Liaboe V5731 Sonic Toothbrush is a product for budget strapped consumers who still want loads of value. I have reviewed around 3-4 electric brushes in my time with varying prices, sizes and features. I think this product is probably the best of all of them. While it most certainly doesn’t have the most features you make up for that in the price point. The company focused on just the features you need which are whiten,massage and clean. They were nice enough to include two replacement brushes which means multiple people could use the same electric bay if necessary. The product comes with a nice charger that sticks directly into the bottom of the unit. The power button and switch mode button are both very pronounced which makes changing modes very easy. I think the box did a very nice job displaying what this product was and it’s features. Although my box did come to me bent. Which I most likely attribute to the result of traveling overseas. I also appreciated the battery life indicator on the bottom of the unit indicating to me how much charge was left in the unit.

I found it interesting how the product will pause for 1 second then continue during usage. I thought for sure it was a factory defect but turns out it’s intentional and means you should be switching sides of your mouth. It was a interesting touch however I don’t think it’s necessary as brushing habits are too variable. I used Sensodyne toothpaste with this brush and it did a nice job experiencing minimal pain during the experience. The box claims it has FDA approval but I’m not to sure about that so watch out for EMF waves which all electric toothbrushes have at varying levels. I found cleaner mode the best as it moved at the perfect pace resulting in a clean brush with the hassle. However the benefits of using this product over a normal manual brush are purely anecdotal at this time. Overall if you are on a budget and your dentist keeps nagging you to get a electric brush. Don’t burn 100s on those crest brushes get this one instead. The laws of diminishing returns mandates it. This item was sent to me for review no compensation was included.


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