iHomy Electronic LED Insect Killer Review

iHomy Electronic LED Insect Killer Review

The iHomy electronic insect killer bug zapper is an interesting product it combines bug’s favorite thing which is light and combines it with their worst nightmare the thunderbolt. This double edged sword is attractive to many bugs the only issue I had with this thing is testing it. I don’t have a big bug problem like others may have in a more rustic environment or maybe a more rural environment. It looks appealing enough doesn’t expect this to replace a normal light bulb from a lighting perspective it’s simply not going to do much in that case. But it is convenient for sure you don’t really have to clean it up or waste too much time setting up it only takes a few seconds.

Be aware this thing is quite fat and needs a good amount of space and I believe they do that as possible so it’s easier for bugs to come towards it and find it. The product uses 110v and at its minimal cost, it’s hard to go wrong certainly. It’s also non-toxic and has no smell which I can appreciate after using harsh chemicals like that Johnson and Johnson stuff etc. Overall if you live in a rustic location with bugs it’s a solid item.


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