Tenswall 17 Inch 4 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Tenswall 17 Inch 4 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad Review

The Tenswall Laptop Cooling Pad With LED Lights is truly a lifesaver. My computer has been overheating a lot recently. At times halting my browser to a crawl and occasionally my computer would simply turn off due to CPU temperatures. This was interfering with my productivity so I knew a change was inevitable. The product runs on USB power which is quite impressive considering the size of the 4 massive fans and the velocity. This will lead to a much cooler laptop in a very short period of time. It’s not that heavy either which means transport should be relatively easy to achieve. Bear in mind this product is definitely going for the gamer look which while it’s definitely fading out of style I can excuse that. As the people who need this the most are the people doing highly intensive GPU and CPU processes. Which includes activities like bitcoin mining and gaming.

After using this product for around 10 minutes I discovered the bottom of the product has 2 feet that can be pulled out. Without doing this if you leave the product flat on the ground you will lose at least 50% effectiveness. So if your computer is still warm make sure you didn’t forget to pull the legs out. At the price point of around $20 I saved my computer’s life and probably extended its lifespan at least another year. With the GTX 1080 slowly dropping in prices this thing is going to be a necessity. The truth is even if you don’t game I still think it’s worth considering as overheating the motherboard is one of the most common reasons computer fail.


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