AOOU Laptop And Mouse Stand With 2 CPU Cooling Fans For Bed, Desk Review

AOOU Laptop And Mouse Stand With 2 CPU Cooling Fans For Bed, Desk Review

Works For My Needs But Lacks Refinement

The AOOU Laptop and Mouse Stand With 2 CPU Cooling Fans is a really cool product. However, to be fair it does lack necessary refinement found in many reputable brands. It’s not a deal breaker by any means but it can be an issue for some buyers with limited technical and mechanical prowess. Before I discuss this let me discuss the product as a whole. The product comes in a nicely designed box with sufficient protection to avoid damage during transport. The instructions provided are clearly labeled and lacks the poor English I come to expect with it being substituted for informational infographics. I personally like this change and it made installation easier than initially suspected but that doesn’t mean it was a walk in the park which I will get into at another time. The materials seem to be of high quality opting for metal instead of a plastic design. There are positives of this as it seems like it will last longer than plastic but their’s negatives to this as well and it goes back to my refinement argument in which some of the pieces have visual defects or seem to be a little stiff like it’s a prototype unit or something. This is common with manufacturing with metal as it’s much tougher to work with and has a much higher melting point. The product does, in fact, come with three legs on each arm and they are tightly connected which is good to see. You can use the Allen wrench included to install them to the base. The product also comes with a mouse stand you can insert to either side slot and it’s an easy process. I personally did not need this but I know others may be more inclined to do so. Also, did I mention the fans?? This is probably the biggest surprise of this item. This product comes with two USB powered fans on the main base and I have to say it makes a difference. Gaming performance experienced some improvement around 3-5fps increase on games like TF2 or Rayman Fiesta Run for example on Android. Yes, I have a Chromebook so that’s how this is possible if you were not aware.

Ok now for my actual experience using this product. The learning curve of figuring out how to position the stand legs are definitely present. At first, the product kept falling over it wasn’t until I left the last leg and the second leg together did the product finally stand up. Once it stood up the product held very nicely. My Chromebook held for my entire gaming session of 2 hours without excessive heat which is an awesome feet. The company includes a 24-month warranty with all units so don’t worry if your unit is not working you can easily return the unit for a refund. The maximum capacity of this unit in terms of length is around 20 inches which fits my laptops perfectly. However, I see videos of people using this product for all kinds of different things from seat pillows to iPad pros so it seems to be sturdy with items even bigger. Overall I did like this product and I do believe I could use it in the future. But I want to discuss this refinement thing I have been mentioning all this time now. Basically, whether it’s the visual imperfections I see, the difficulty of learning how to use the polymer legs correctly or the lack of clarity for some of the smaller parts in the instructions. It definitely adds up and I think for this reason they should hold off from any major distribution until they fix these small grips. Because retailers are very picky and many customers cannot handle to think outside the box even a little. This will lead to a disaster with significant returns which hurts your brand and not the retailer. Thanks for sending this item for review. No further compensation was provided besides this free sample.


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