Kathy Electric Nail Art Drill Treatment Kit Review

Kathy Electric Nail Art Drill Treatment Kit Review

The Kathy Electric Nail Art Drill Kit is a product that has lofty expectations and does it’s best to achieve these goals. Achieving adequate accolades along the way but still with something to be desired. It’s hard to recommend this to anyone as other products exist that take this concept further. Although I’m quite negative their is still a lot to like about this product. Using the thinnest needle I was able to clean up my nails. While not perfect it still did the job and while some deep dirt remained most of it was removed. The rest of the attachments seem to be fine but I had no need for the ones and they remained mostly untouched. To be fair this product is definitely aimed more towards females. With its pink aesthetics and colorful animations present on the box.

The actual unit has a wheel which determines the velocity of the spinner. Personally, the max velocity kinda hurt my fingers so I used a lower speed and that was preferable. The issue is this hurts the effectiveness of the product and not as much dirt came out. I was also not a fan of the DC power port. This product is light and small they should have put a battery in this thing and made it portable. However, the company opted in for a small DC port instead wrapped around some printer paper instructions. Which also just screams low quality. The nail filers all had white lines running through the product. I can’t tell if somebody used this thing or not but it’s definitely concerning. Overall it’s a decent product but you really shouldn’t make the purchase unless you physically don’t have any more money to spend as it is quite cheap.


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