Ceenwes CWS-005 Men’s Electric Shaver And Hair Trimmer Review

Ceenwes CWS-005 Men’s Electric Shaver And Hair Trimmer Review

The Ceenwes CWS-005 Men’s Electric Shaver And Hair Trimmer is actually a really good product. I know the brand may be unknown but that doesn’t mean you should simply ignore it. It’s an all in 1 shaving kit that can trim beards and even cut hair if you really wanted to do that. The setup reminds me of the Remmington all in one shaving kit with the base that holds all the different pieces that come with the box. From the nose hair trimmers to the cleansing oil. I also like the battery charge percentage LED indicator located on the shaver. It tells you how much power is left on the device it’s actually really awesome. You can also choose between low power and high power mode depending on your needs. The packaging is also quite impressive it’s just like what the big brands use. It would fit nicely on any display and can be stored easily.

Using the 3D head was good while it was not a 100% clean shave it did get most of the hair and for this price range that’s about what you would expect. Personally, when it comes to electric razors I like to douse the head with water before using it. The water acts as a lubricant and can prevent skin from becoming irritated after using electric razors. This is a common issue and that’s how you address it. This also makes shaving a bit easier as it acts almost like a shaving cream for electric razors. I do like how it only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery and lasts for 45 minutes. Also to remove the hairs from within the unit just click the button under the head and the lid will pop off revealing the motors and any hair. Overall I like this product a lot it does most of what a Remington can do at fraction of the price.


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