Soulsfeng Flyknit Unisex Lightweight Foam Grey Running Shoes Review

Soulsfeng Flyknit Unisex Lightweight Foam Grey Running Shoes Review

The Soulsfeng Flykit Unisex Running Shoes are one heck of a shoe. It looks like a combination of a yeezy and a running shoe in one compelling package. With a nice firm sole and good grips on the bottom and you have yourself a utility just as much as a fashion statement. With a price tag of only around $40 USD it’s hard to compare this to anything else on the market. As this price resembles something you would find at a pay less but this quality and style is surely not. They were even nice enough to include additional shoe laces which is a neat ideal as my shoe laces typically deteriorates after a few months of usage. Before buying their is really only one thing you need to keep in mind it’s really the only negative and it’s the sizing. Nike has a significant market capitalization to the point where their sizing structure is practically standardization. Nike typically makes their shoe sizes around 1 size shorter then reality. So my Nike shoes are typically 11 and to my mistake I purchased an 11 expecting them to match the size. Boy was this a mistake as this thing is much bigger and looks like a real 11.

The shoe is nice and comfortable once you put them on and tighten them. I used it in a variety of activities from basketball to track. While my sample size wasn’t all that big. It’s just a weekend I still liked what I saw so far. I can’t comment on long term usage if they were last like my champions will. But in the short term which I hope is what someone looking at this is buying for. Considering the $40 price tag you won’t regret making this purchase. Considering this product comes in red, grey, black, rainbow it’s hard to complain about really anything with this product besides the sizing issue. The box was also very nicely designed and looks like a shoe box should. You would think that’s a given but I see some budget brands just ship me a generic white box and expect me to praise it. Overall these are some good shoes thanks for sending them for review.


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