XRun 7 Colors Men And Women LED Sneaker Shoes Review

XRun 7 Colors Men And Women LED Sneaker Shoes Review

The XRun 7 Color Men And Women’s LED Sneakers are really cool. They remind me of Yeezy sneakers but at a fraction of the cost. The fact this thing costs only $19.99 at the moment is simply mind-boggling. Putting it on is quite easy as it slips on almost like a slipper. But don’t worry the product does come with laces. I strongly suggest using them before doing any physical activity. Be aware the product is currently listed in EU size on Amazon. Make sure you know the conversation rate. For example, EU 44 equals USA size 11 Men. If you wondering about the LED feature to access it you must click on the black velcro patch located next to the laces. It’s a cool way of hiding the tech as the micro USB charger is located within this patch as well. The micro USB cable in the box comes with 2 ports which means you can charge both shoes at once. I do wish the product size was listed somewhere on the shoe but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

The LED lights up in an array of different colors. From blue, red, green, white and many many more. Flashing and solid colors included. Personally, I prefer the solid colors either blue or red as those are primary colors. For some reason, one of my shoes arrived with no power left. It was weird and I was concerned my unit was defective. However, once I let the product charge for a bit the product worked just like the other. The rubber sole is interesting it’s not earth-shattering memory foam but it’s acceptable. It’s not perfect and you will feel some discomfort after extended workouts. But if you are using this for casual fun or style than this product is great for that. The battery should last you all day clocking in around 10 hours. I personally will probably never use the LED in public. But a lot of people at a glance thought these shoes were Yeezy so that’s just awesome.


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