Synapse AI (SYN) Initial Coin Offering Review

Synapse AI (SYN) Initial Coin Offering Review

Synapse AI is a very interesting coin from the founder of dogecoin. Instead of handing data over to centralized companies you can now instead use AI to access decrentalized economies via tokenizing contributions. It can be used from advertising to media campaigns it does it all. It doesn’t hurt to have a very generous referral program either which should definitely increase awareness of the coin. This data selling process is not reserved just for companies or large organizations. According to the whitepaper individual users will have the same ability to buy and sell data for whatever reason necessary. This versaitlity deifnitely helps this coin shine in this increasingly saturated marketplace.

The coin is not perfect however and I do want to discuss some faults I experenced with the coin. Firstly the telegram community could be better. 17.1K members may seem like a lot but not for a coin that’s boasting some heavy claims. It also doesn’t help that the admins blocked me for simply inquiring about additional details regarding the airdrop not mentioned in the airdrop FAQ. It also seems that the dogecoin’s founder involvement was more of a marketing ploy then a fact. Further research suggests he’s merely a advisor more then a dev for the team. Overall while the project has some faults I suggest atleast particiapting in the airdrop. Use my link below to get some coins or you can’t enter the airdrop it’s invite only. This is just a brief description of what the coin can do invest with caution but get involved.

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