Fuvision Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Electrical Outlet Review

Fuvision Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Electrical Outlet Review

The Fuvision Wifi Full HD 1080P Hidden Spy Camera is interesting. Whatever your motive is for buying this product that’s none of my business. However, let me just say this now. This product cannot possibly be spotted by the average person. The lens is so small and so well hidden it blows my mind. Honestly, I could probably give this to someone let them use it and still they would not know what it’s truly doing. So you could potentially give this to your subject and let them do the hard work by allowing it to infiltrate the space you’re trying to spy on if it’s not your own. It’s genius while I had no need to do that maybe you need to. However, that’s not an advisable strategy as the setup process is so time-consuming you are bound to get seen doing this. A better way of using this is by putting down in a public space hit the record button and hope to catch the action while it occurs. That’s it

The quality this product projects is not bad. However, make sure it’s plugged in all the way. Sound also sounds good and one really awesome feature is the 16GB micro sd card which is included in the package from SanDisk and not some random brand. What a rarity these days as this typically does not happen anymore. You also get 2 choices in regards to the cover one is white and one is beige. The product comes with a rechargeable battery however it does require you to remove the battery first then charge it. The Camwatch app you need for this product has a 2 star review on the play store and it shows. It’s buggy on Android at least.

Overall I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to use it yet. The perfect situation has yet to present itself. However, if you have a need this product can fulfill it although that need may be morally questionable. Just be aware you will actually need an hour to set this thing up.


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