WearPai F1 WP102 Fitness Tracker Review

WearPai F1 WP102 Fitness Tracker Review

The Wearpai Fitness Tracker can track a surprising amount of content thanks to its biometric looking scanner. Not sure exactly what type of scanner it is but my blood pressure, oxygen levels and pulse was tracked with relative accuracy. I have my documents from my last physical and it’s pretty close. To get this product to work right you will need to download the wear fit app which provides a much more streamlined way to navigate through the UI. The UI on the watch is not very good and I had trouble navigating through it. So I’m glad this app exists. Luckily the pairing process is very easy and the app will automatically find your phone with no issue. I was surprised the google play store rated it 2.7 stars it seems to work well enough for me.

User Info, Healthy Weekly, Run, Device Management, Settings and about are the different options available in the menu on the wear fit map. They all seemed to work well enough for my needs. The method in which you charge this device was quite interesting you take this three prong clip and you clip it into the watch it’s interesting for sure. The item comes in red, blue, green, orange, purple and more for what I can see. My red model looks fine but blue looks better to me. Make sure you have android 4.4 KitKat or the app will not work. Overall please don’t take any of the readings given out by this product as factual because it’s not. However, this can give approximate totals and that’s very useful as scanning occurs in less than 1 minute and without any discomfort.


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