Konitee Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Smart Watch Review

Konitee Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Smart Watch Review

The Konitee Fitness Bluetooth Tracker is ambitious in it’s goals as a cheaper alternative to the titan brands the consume most of the market share in this space. Gear, iwatch, fitbit among others that exist consume most of the market share. Konitee’s execution of it’s lofty goals are merely partially obtained with some roadblocks along the way. The box is as generic as you could possibly get. No mention of brand or anything disguisable between this unit and the many others that probably get shipped from the same source factory. The choice to use silicon as the watch band is mind boggling. This is a 45-50$ watch you gotta use at least fake leather or some other more premium material. The UI of this product is good and the large screen makes visibility much higher then other users I’ve used. However it does lack a true touchscreen in favor of a touch button which is used to navigate. One click to move to the left double tap to click on the mode of interest. The charger included is usb to 2 pin and it works fine. However try not to move it to much as it can fall out pretty easily.

From the software side it’s definitely better then other products and is probably why it’s in the price range it is. The pedometer, pulse rate, blood pressure, timer, bluetooth mode with android app and clock modes all work fine. This product does have a bluetooth mode which binds itself with the app I was mentioning before meant for runners. It provides more info then the watch displays like daily step limits and real age. I like this stuff and does make up for some shortcomings previously mentioned. Adjusting the size of the watch was quite easy as the strap is easily adjustable unilaterally. Overall the watch is solid and the review score given in my mind is extreme fair considering all the pros and cons. I’m not sure if I would recommend this to anyone or not it’s truly a toss up. Thanks very much Konitee for sending me this item.


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