Launch Creader 4001 Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

Launch Creader 4001 Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

The Creader 4001 OBD 2 Scanner is a very versatile product that provides ample value to any car owner. My older CRV 2002 car occasionally projects the engine warning light often without merit. I’ve been to Pep Boys and my local car mechanic and the issue at hand has long been addressed. It was involving the catalytic converter but for whatever reason, the engine warning light still shines. You could theoretically remove the low gas symbol if you wanted to but I have no idea why you would want that. Plugging this thing in could also be annoying however that’s not the product’s fault but my car has the outlet under the fuse and it’s not easy to get to.

Once plugged in I recommend turning on the car battery but leaving the engine off. If you are trying to read engine codes and erase or perform diagnostics then this is what mode it needs to be on anyway. The UI is nicely laid out and superior to other brands I have seen in the ODB space. The main menu has an array of options from reading Codes, Erase Codes, I/M Readiness, Data Stream, Onboard Monitoring, and vehicle information. The product does the best of its ability to gather as much info about your car as possible. But expect at least one data column to say 0 which basically is a default print screen for an error while gathering that data point. Overall it’s a very solid product that can save you in a pickle if you have an inspection coming up or maybe you are trying to figure out exactly why your engine warning light it’s great for both problems.


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