GoodSense Allergy Relief Loratadine Tablets Review

GoodSense Allergy Relief Loratadine Tablets Review

I can’t even tell you how much I have spent on Claritin over the years. My store sells 30 tablets of generic Claritin for $19.99 and I thought that was a good deal. As the original was like $39.99 for 25 tablets. Anyway, for a long time, this was my weekly struggle until one day while browsing Amazon I stumbled upon this listing. The item perplexed me and I thought maybe the active ingredient was different or something and I looked at the label and it says Loradatine 10mg. I was completely shocked to see the 12.99 price tag for a year’s supply! of Claritin, I could not believe it and I thought it must have been too good to be true.

I browsed the reviews and alas I was wrong for once in my lifetime something is indeed good and the product does work nicely. I purchased the product 1 year ago and now I just reordered and wanted to share my experience with the item. I experienced 0 drop off in effectiveness between this product and Claritin. To be honest I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to loratadine because I tried to get off it once and I experienced flu-like symptoms so I guess I gotta take it every day even if I don’t necessarily need it. Thankfully this product makes that struggle more manageable financially at least. It’s ridiculous what some companies charge for some chemicals produced in a lab. We really need an audit of all the pharmaceutical companies and find out the real cost of each drug. I understand FDA testing is very expensive and you need to recuperate your expenses of this process when it’s finally time to sell the drug. However, some of these drugs save lives and getting it to the people who really need it should be the priority and not profit.


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