Crenova 50ft Extendable Hose Garden Hose with Double Latex Review

Crenova 50ft Extendable Hose Garden Hose with Double Latex Review

I’m impressed with the Crenova 50ft extendable hose as the 50ft claim is indeed verifiable during my tests. I have a decently large backyard and typically houses will not be able to reach the perimeter of the yard where my fences are but this one can. I also like how the product is not natively 50 ft. I don’t know how long it is initially but it will not grow to 50ft until water enters the hose. The water pressure received by the nozzle was good maybe not perfect maybe a subtle drop-off but it’s definitely forgivable as compressions hoses typically have this issue as water volume is slightly reduced at times. I’m also a fan of the brass connectors on both the faucet and the nozzle endings. This means rust will be more prolonged than typical plastic connectors I’ve seen.

I have an area of my backyard that requires a 90-degree turn near where I put my trash. This product was able to reach the fence that lies past the 90-degree angle which is nice. Don’t forget they also provide a carrying bag which can store your product conventionally and allows easy storage. You also get a mounting hanger that may work by putting on your faucet but I was not willing to do that so I did not use it. Most importantly no leaking occurred during my usage of the product that’s the number 1 deal breaker is can the hose work without leaking which it did. This product also did not kink either. Overall this is a solid hose for anyone’s casual gardening needs.


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