Crenova VS200 Compact Vacuum Sealer Review

Crenova VS200 Compact Vacuum Sealer Review

Figuring out how to use the Carenova VS200 Compact Vacuum Sealer at first was a little daunting. It’s a big unit that requires a good amount of power. It seems like some sort of professional would use it which I’m not. It doesn’t help that sliding the bag in actually does nothing. To get this thing going you gotta put the bag exactly where the instructions tell you to which is in the area under the hood where the vacuum sealer is located. Don’t cover it, however. If you do this nothing happens and think to yourself is this thing broken or something? it also emits a smell during vacuum seal which is at times unpleasant. So I usually opt-in for seal mode instead as it’s superior in terms of efficiency.

However, once you figure out what you are doing the seal is very strong and that’s why it’s special. Refer to the pencil bag picture. It looks like a manufactured seal and it provides a lot of potential. You mean need to do more than one seal interval which I did I actually used 3 but when you are done in less than 60 seconds you have a very nice seal. This is perfect for chips in a big bag that won’t last unless this method is used. I wish It didn’t take me so long to get to this point but at least clairvoyance was achieved eventually. Overall this thing is not a toy it’s for professionals they provide a lot of bags as well so you don’t have to buy your own at CVS. Only recommend this to people who have tried other sealing products with no success as this has provided success at the cost of size and leisure.


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