Crenova HN-05 Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer Review

Crenova HN-05 Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer Review

The Crenova HN-05 Garen Hose works well during my gardening encounter. I suffered long enough to a rusty nozzle that persistently leaked all over my hands. Not only did it make me very wet but water pressure has been subpar for a few years now making watering my plants a much bigger hassle. The rubber washer that connects the nozzle to the hose is well made and did not leak during my tests. This product comes with jet, center, mist, soaker, flat, shower and angle all which have different features and should be mutual to most other variety nozzles on the market. I like how it’s made from brass giving a more premium feeling than the plastic I see everywhere.

Using this product does require the usage of the green washer found in the packaging. I don’t know why they didn’t opt in for the conventional bottom of a nozzle but they didn’t so you must use the washer. The velocity during the jet mode was good enough but not great. Shower and flat both did a great job taking care of the car. Angel and shower were great for watering the plants while mist was great for keeping me cool and soaker are not all that useful to be fair. The handle is decent and you have a little piece of metal which can restrict how far you pull back the handle on the nozzle which could be useful to some. The product comes with 2 washers which means you can use this product with multiple hoses which many houses have so that’s a very nice bonus. You can also control water pressure by adjusting the valve in the back of the product I like this a lot I used it more than expected as some plants need to be handled with more care than others. Overall it’s a solid nozzle with some bells and whistles I like for certain.


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